Grayson's quilt..the middle

After finishing quite a few quilt blocks I decided to see how big they were going to be compared to the crib size batting I had. The directions from the quilt along were for a larger quilt so I wasn't sure how many of these blocks I would need. It turns out I had enough block before I even used up all my cut up fabric strips. Yay! This left me enough to use the remaining fabric to make the backing from the uncut fabric I had and to make a pieced binding from the strips I already had cut out. Then, I laid everything out for my quilt sandwich: backing wrong side up (I duct taped it to by kitchen floor to keep it straight), then the batting, and finally, the quilt top, right side up. I then safety pinned it all together. Not a fun step. This is what the backing and quilt top looked like before the sandwich making took place.
But now for the hard part. The scary part. The part that has stopped me from ever making a quilt before. The actual quilting....

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