First Post

OK, So I've been reading so many other blogs lately I decided I needed one of my own. What it will be exactly I haven't decided yet. I'm thinking it will be part craft blog, part blog about my new little guy. We'll see. Maybe this will be a good outlet to get down all those thoughts I always say I will write down in a journal and then stop after two entries...or maybe this will go the same way as all those journals I have with only two pages and be a 2 post blog forever. Anyway, I had to post this picture of my silly little monkey. It was taken at Grandma's house on a raft (not in the water though) and I edited it in Picasa, my new favorite thing since I don't have photo shop. If you want a good free photo editing tool you can find it here: http://picasa.google.com/ I love the soft focus feature (as evidenced by this pic).

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Meg said...

Good luck on your blog! I have thought about writing one, too. You do have a cutey! Meg